Best of the Bu

With Ian Cohen

Airing Thurs & Fri, 9-11pm

The “Best of the Bu” program is produced by Ian Cohen, and features Malibu singer songwriters, as well as mainstream and indie rock, both on and off the charts. The program strives to put the spotlight on artists that have a unique sound, and an edgy quality. Often entertaining with his ‘shaka speak’, Bradda EKG is the on-air host of the program, and he’s a rocker at heart. He treats the listeners to songs with driving electric guitars, and memorable choruses. He also features up–and-coming and established singer/songwriters. In addition, from time to time the “Best of the Bu” program has celebrity guests and people from the Malibu community on the show, for in-depth interviews. Catch the show Thursdays and Fridays Pacific on 97.5 KBU FM or streaming on