Big Rocks

With Caryn Weiss

Airing Tuesday 7-9pm

Caryn Weiss, President and Owner of Weiss Artists, launched an agency representing photographers back in 1993, after her journalism days at CSUN , and her experience working with KNBC news, as well as becoming the photo editor of several national magazines.

CarynWith all intentions of following her dream to do broadcast news, she found her career landed in the world of entertainment after all. Her agency, which now represents some of the top Photographers and Art Directors in the business, it turns out the agency became known for a “go to” for most Record Companies, TV, Cable and Film studios, Music Managers, and more.

Growing up in a show business family, with music and dance being Caryn’s insatiable passion, it only became natural for her to ultimately wind up servicing the artistic needs ( i.e.: album art) to the musicians she loved. “I was making playlists as a kid before iTunes was born!”

Caryn decided to fold in this love of music in her free time and volunteered for the pledge drives at KCSN 88.5 FM on weekends. Later she was asked to guest DJ with Julie Slater ( she calls her muse) , on “Out on a Limb”.

“It was a life changing event, as I found my own creative passion and could also utilize my contacts and knowledge of the music industry to offer my services to the radio world”. And that’s just what happened! After a year of volunteering at KCSN, Hans Laetz and Caryn met and the show, “Big Rocks with Caryn Weiss” as DJ, was launched on KBUU Radio MALIBU!

Caryn also got lucky when her Producer and Engineer, Brandi Jackson, walked into her life, at the same time, for a position at WeissArtists, who.. to this day, she admits, could not do the show without!

While WeissArtists continues to thrive, Caryn will also be getting involved in the account executive duties at the station with hopes to bring many of the musicians, her artists work with, in for interviews and events, giving them and their managers greater visibility!