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User Profile for emma
User Name: emma (Emma Cunningham)
Member Since: Wednesday, August 09 2006 @ 10:23 PM MDT
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Location: Providence, RI
Bio: I'm a graduate student in pursuit of my Ph.D. in Linguistics at Brown University in the Department of Cognitive Science and Linguistics under the guidance of Pauline Jacobson. I completed my undergraduate degree in Linguistics at the University of Southern California, where I was lucky enough to work with Elena Guerzoni and Barry Schein. During my undergraduate years, I spent a year in Berlin, Germany at Humboldt Universitšt and was introduced to semantic binding theory thanks to Uli Sauerland.

My interests as of August '06 include:

the syntax/semantics interface, pragmatics, information theory, focus/intonation, direct compositionality, logic, the lambda calculus, Gottlob Frege, variable-free semantics, reflexive pronouns, anaphora, logophoricity, cross-linguistic studies, the German language, exceptive constructions, type logical grammar, Chris Barker, polarity, event semantics, plurality, donkey anaphora,

Scheme, functional programming, procedural programming, Emacs & Emacs keybindings, the Dvorak keyboard layout, free software, Apple computer, Java, object-oriented programming, continuations, Haskell, Net Neutrality, Paul Graham, Web2.0, /., this silly series of tubes we call the Internet,

cooking, vegetarianism, coffee, coconuts, incense, biking, walking, not driving, sustainable living, Eben Moglen, Al Gore, travel, hefeweizen, the 1960s, live music, conspiracy theory, Woody Allen, using Q.E.D. ironically; Q.E.D.,


the combination of meta and humour (Q.E.D.), being self-aware,

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Total number of comments: 3
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